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Ella Rock hike

Tourist like A visit different types of one day excursions Ella.tracking This is one of our favorite day tour There are few places in Ella which you should visit if you’re passing by ella We have planned this tour to cover those most important attractions which you must see Ella Rock Ella Rock Hiking up to the summit of is a popular excursion among tourists in the quirky mountainous are the attractions that we’re going to cover in this around tours Ella Rock hike

Lipton Seat is one of the top tourist attractions in the Province and is frequently visited by foreign and local visitors. This is located at the highestLipton’s Seat view

Diyaluma falls is the second largest waterfall in Sri Lanka and it’s looks very fashionable on water getting down from up Hills. Travelers can views

Ella Rock

Ella Rock is situated just outside of the adventure/tourist town of Ella, and is a great day/morning trip! This was my favorite hike in two weeks spent in Sri Lanka despite the town of Ella being quite touristy, squeezing past the hike up (with its awesome views of We were lucky enough to have our very own guide dog who came with us all the way from Ella to the top of our hike to Ella Rock – thanks, Ralph! The earlier you go the less busy it will be, so get up and get going.

Lipton seat

Lipton’s Seat is perhaps the most popular attraction in Haputale. Situated an hour away from Haputale town, Lipton’s Seat is a viewpoint named after the celebrated Thomas Lipton. He was a Scottish businessman who moved to British Ceylon in 1890, where he met James Taylor and together they introduced tea gardens to the country. Prior to Lipton’s arrival, Taylor had attempted to grow coffee on the island, however, the coffee plantations were devastated by a leaf-blight. With Lipton’s help, the two men embarked on a business venture which would outlive their lifetimes.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls is Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall but is possibly the country’s most picturesque one. Diyaluma roughly translates to “rapid flow of water” or “liquid light” and this name is said to have been derived from ancient folklore. Hike to the summit of this three-tiered horse’s tail to enjoy breathtaking views and an icy cold dip in a natural infinity pool!